Thrideye Corporation Launched International Business Directory

Thrideye Corporation Launched International Business Directory

Thrideye Corporation Launched International Business Directory

Article by James Martin

History of Thrideye Corporation

Thrideye Corporation, an international marketing specialist which provides effective professional business search marketing was founded in mid 2005 in Miami, Florida USA. Headed by Richard Johnny, Managing Director and brainchild of Thrideye Corporation, the company invested over a million of dollars in conducting research on the world's marketing resources and developing of Thrideye International Business Search Directory. Through leadership of Richard Johnny, the corporation became a huge success and versatile international marketing specialist within a short period. The corporation relocated to Newark Delaware in late 2009.

About Thrideye International Business Search Directory

The Thrideye International Business Search Directory is a first international business search engine developed to provide worldwide streamline business and commercial related information. Developed by Richard Johnny himself in 2008, this search directory is a powerful marketing platform; equipped with additional features, capable of providing more details within a single click than any other web information search engine.

History of Development

Mr Richard Johnny, a versatile IT savvy businessman and an excellent business marketer with more than 12 years top management experience first discovered setbacks in the current world search platform which he finds that was unrefined in a business marketing aspect. He then decided to develop a new business search platform which can better serve business marketing in an international level.

It was in early 2006 when he started to develop a test portal known as Hermit Search.Com. The development of this test platform took almost two years to complete with several extensive tests ranging from load test to data testing conducted by him and a technical team. The test portal was integrated, made fully operational in 2008 and was later renamed Thrideye International Business Commercial Search after a merger with its affiliated company Hermits Group Inc.

Comparing Thrideye International Business Directory with normal general web information engine, this directory is capable of allowing businesses to gain more effective marketing results and help businesses to build more customer confidence. Fine-tuned with added features the directory is able to provide all following details of a company within a single search without any other additional search needed.

1. Title
2. Url
3. Description
4. Category
5. Keywords
6. Contact Name
7. Direct email sending to the company(encrypted)
8. Address
9. City
10. State
11. Country
12. Company registration
13. Location map of the company
14. Feedbacks on the company
15. Customer Reviews

Through development of this directory it helps worldwide online users to shorten search time and make searching for business and commercial related information more efficient. Using link, relink and backlink methods, the directory not only provides online users such commercial information but it also "share" it's data information with other well established major search engines in the world.

The directory is open to all worldwide users for free and it offers both free and paid marketing services to worldwide businesses. It is highly recommended to list your business site with the directory and you can do so by suggesting your link or by claiming it if it has already been listed by logging on to The directory has a strict main submission guideline and will only accept submission from bona fide businesses furnished with company registration number.

Thrideye Corporation works with various business organizations from the State Chamber of SME in United States, SME Associations of Malaysia to banks and other government organization found in United States, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and etc; with the aim of providing affordable but yet effective marketing solutions to help SME to grow.

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